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Owner and operator, Fiona Yee, was raised by parents who put a huge emphasis on receiving the best education. It was deeply ingrained in her being at a young age to aim for the highest. Every one of her six siblings is either an entrepreneur or a professional. To her, the sky is the limit. She pursued and received a doctor’s degree in pharmacy in 1994 and has been a supervisor in the workforce for 20 years. Fiona has a deep love of children and has been teaching them every week in her church for over 15 years. Her own children who are six and thirteen started the Gideon program when they each were five years old. It is truly an incredibly beneficial and structured self-paced program. Both her children are excelling at a gifted and talented public school which is rated among the top 5% percent of their school district. She has seen how the potentials of the learning capacity of her own children are being brought to the fullest by Gideon. She believes in the Gideon curriculum and philosophy so much that she decided to open a center to help many more children receive these benefits.

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I don’t need to be a tiger mum. My kids can accomplish the same with Gideon. Great job.

Sue Y.

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We see that Maddie is not struggling anymore. Now she works through her problems on her own.

Maddie's Mom


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