We know kids love smart phones, ipads, and like.  I hear that two year-olds can navigate better than their parents sometimes.  While we still believe in limited technology time, here are some learning apps for little ones that will make the time spent on the devices a little more worthwhile.

TheRockfather.com collected some great things from PBS Kids HERE including:

Super Why ABC Adventures: Alphabet app for iPhone/iPod touch, your child can do just that while playing a comprehensive collection of five interactive literacy games that help build strategies and skills to master the alphabet! With each game hosted by a different Super Reader, your child will be introduced to uppercase and lowercase letters and their names, the order of the alphabet, common letter sounds and writing letters in fun and exciting ways!

Also make classic children’s books such as Arthur’s Teacher Trouble come alive with Wanderful’s Story Books App HERE. Each book is bought separately, and there are several to choose from. They also have a free sampler to try it out. Search Wanderful Storybooks on the App Store.

I used to LOVE the Reading Rainbow TV show as a kid and now LaVar Burton has a RR App to keep today’s kids loving books as well. Click HERE to learn more.

Technapex has collected other great apps HERE which includes:

Math Ninja: While there are many math apps available for kids, Math Ninja has been one of the most consistently popular. Users play as a ninja who has to face off against the evil Tomato San and his army of robots, with levels solved through various math problems from mental arithmetic to selecting the correct prime number. This app includes simple comprehension exercises. The app doesn’t require a significant amount of mathematical knowledge, but is a useful way of reinforcing the basics.

Let us know how you like these or recommend your favorites!