Here are two more of our 10 Secrets to Success!  Here is last week’s post “Just Do It” in case you wanted to review.

4) Reread directions and passages.  Many children will rush through stories and barely glance at directions.  If your student seems to be moving too quickly based on the length of passage, have her reread the passage aloud to you.  First, it ensures that the passage was read and not skimmed. Second, it will help you identify any words that she does not know. If she stumbles while reading them, have her look them up in a dictionary.  Simply slowing down and/or rereading will solve MOST comprehension issues.

5) Watch the details!  We cannot express enough how many mistakes are made due to incorrect spelling – even when the word is on the page or lack of a period or needed capital letter.  Generally, it is your child’s responsibility to complete this work independent of parent involvement in order to build a strong foundation.  So while we do not want you to point out specific mistakes for your child to fix, we recommend you tell your student to review his work and ensure that:

  • each sentence has a capital letter and ending punctuation
  • spelling is correct with legible handwriting.

We are developing independent learners and want them to review and correct their own mistakes as you will not always be available to help them.