Kick off summer reading!

Kick off summer reading!

Summer is here! Camp! Swimming! All day play! Reading!
Wait, what?
Yes, reading! Think of all the time now your child has to get lost in a book. This is a great way to avoid the summer slide of losing some of the great comprehension skills gained during school year. Your child can read about new places and fun experiences while gaining vocabulary and background knowledge that will aid in the fall.

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Eat the Frog and 8 Other Better Study Habits

Your child tells you they have a big test in three days. If you are concerned that your child won’t focus enough to study well and make a good grade, use our tips listed below to give him the best chance to do well! Get organized. Even if you or your child aren’t a...

Stronger Math Students in 5 Steps

We hear that having good math abilities leads to more opportunities and higher salaries. But did you know there was an actual study done that confirmed that households with solid math skills had an enormous net worth advantage over those who didn’t? Not surprising. "A...

Gideon Grammar One with Videos

Grammar knowledge is the foundation to good writing and speaking. Poor grammar can lead to confusion. Poor grammar skills are not well received by employers and college professors.  It is important to have proper grammar to get your point across properly in a speech,...

5 Ways to Ace Standardized Testing

Standardized testing has permeated our society for all ages, including some for 3 year olds at elite private pre-schools.  While you may agree or disagree with its usefulness, likely you have to deal with it either for yourself or your child.  If we're going to do...

Handwriting Matters

With typing on keyboards becoming the norm and cursive seemingly becoming a lost art, does handwriting matter? Does it help us in any way? The article, How Handwriting Trains the Brain, at highlights new research which proves it be beneficial in cognitive...

Ways to Make Your Children Smarter

In this article on Barking Up the Wrong Tree blog, the author gives a great list of ways to improve your child’s academic performance.  Here are a few. 1) Get Good Sleep While this may seem like basic knowledge, many students today are doing more and more activities...

Mistakes Can Create Success

Intelligence is the measure of the brain's ability to acquire and apply certain knowledge and skills. We know the human brain can grow, change, and even rewire itself to meet new standards. This ability of the brain is called brain plasticity. By correcting mistakes,...

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