Gideon - Coppell

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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Gideon - Coppell

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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May 2020: We have reopened for those who wish to come to class, but we will continue to offer AT HOME alternatives for those who are not ready.

We are enrolling new students right now!

Our method uses pencil & paper.

Less screen time is better for everyone, and writing by hand creates better memorization.



Our system gives you structure.

All our booklets are sequenced in a step-by step layout with mastery standards.



Help sessions scheduled on demand.

We are now offering phone and online help in addition to the explanations already in each booklet.


Gain real academic progress.

Use all this extra time at home to make excellent strides in math and reading while school is disrupted.

Gideon Math and Reading – Coppell 

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(972) 745-0890
120 South Denton Tap Road, Coppell, TX 75019
Gideon Coppell is located on the SE corner of Denton Tap and Sandy Lake behind Chipotle near Cici’s.

Gideon Coppell

Weekly Schedule

Regular Class Hours

Monday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Tuesday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Wednesday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Thursday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 10 AM – 1 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

New student placement evaluations are done by appointment. – LINK

Monthly Pricing

Young Learners with 2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • YL Math: $160/month

  • YL Reading: $190/month

  • YL Math & Reading: $290/month

Independent Learners with 4:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • IL Math: $140/month

  • IL Math Extended: $240/month

  • IL Reading: $170/month

  • IL Math & Reading: $270/month

Registration Fee: $50/student

There are no long-term contracts, only month to month.

Prepay Specials

  • Pay 4 months in advance to receive a one $30 discount per subject off the total.

  • Pay 8 months in advance to receive your 9th month FREE.

  • Prepays are non-refundable.

As of January 2020


At what age can my student start attending?

  • We work with students aged four and up who are able to focus for 10-15 minutes.

How many times a week will my student come to the center and for how long is each visit?

  • April 2020: Due to COVID-19, we are offering the Gideon at Home Correspondence Plan with online sessions using the same booklets.
  • Most students attend twice a week for center visits and complete Gideon assignments at home the other days. However, you can come once a week or request extra classes for an additional fee.
  • Each center visit is typically 20 - 30 minutes per subject to do individual daily assignments, complete any old corrections, and review new material.  A Gideon instructor will be at the table with the students to assist as needed.  We maintain a 2:1 student to teacher ratio for Young Learners (aged 4-8) or 4:1 ratio for Independent Learners (aged 9 and up).

What level of work will my student be doing?

  • During the free placement evaluation, we will find a 'just right' point in the Gideon curriculum based on what skills your student shows as mastered in order to fill any holes and gaps in his foundation.  Read more about the importance of mastering lower levels HERE. Download a full curriculum listing HERE.
  • Our goal is to build confidence through mastery with progress right from the start to encourage focus and concentration. 

Does Gideon work with students with learning differences such as dyslexia?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works well for most students, including those with learning differences.  While school must continue on its schedule, we have the luxury to allow the student to set the pace and do any extra practice needed to truly master each level.  If your student has dyslexia, read THIS to find out why Gideon is a good solution.

Does Gideon work with students with special needs such as autism?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works with many special needs students.  We can evaluate further if Gideon is a good fit when we meet your student during the free placement evaluation.

How do we get the MOST out of Gideon?

  • Simply doing the daily work consistently will result in great progress, but review these tips for parents HERE.

Let's get started.

Schedule your FREE online student placement evaluation below. Call us to request a time not listed.

That’s one step closer to mastery!

Learn as young as four.

Children can start learning to read and do basic math around age four and up.

Remove the school struggle.

Reduce homework stress by solidifying the foundation and filling in any holes and gaps.


Set a comfortable pace.

Your child will progress through the step-by-step curriculum at his or her own speed.

Master beyond grade level.

Without any pressure of grades, your student can tackle new concepts not yet learned in school.


Owner and Director, Wendy Coppedge, has been involved in supplemental education since 1991 when she enrolled her three children in the local math and reading center. She immediately witnessed first hand how daily practice built, not only concentration and fundamental skills, but also confidence.  Stephanie Coppedge, her daughter, joined her in 2002 after receiving a math degree at UT Austin and teaching Algebra I, geometry, and math modeling at an Austin area high school. She also spent 10+ years as a math tutor. Together, mother and daughter own and operate the center in Coppell, TX near Dallas.

We started this because my son struggle to read. After few months of Gideon, my son is much more confident in reading. We liked the result, so now we put both children in math program as well.
Jinny L.
Jinny L.
20:14 16 Jul 20
I come here every week, and the service is great! Because of Gideon, I am at the top of My Pre-Algebra Class, and I'm in 7th grade! Gideon has helped me boost my grades, and I’m happy that my father enrolled me here! I would give it a 10 star, but sadly, I can’t. I highly recommend Gideon for others.
Kirrish O.
Kirrish O.
16:18 24 Apr 20
Gideon at Coppell is awesome.They are doing awesome work while everything is clocked down by delivering booklets at home
Sangeeta K.
Sangeeta K.
21:25 04 Apr 20
I'm so thankful with the patience that the Gideon Math and Reading center shows towards to my daughter. My daughter confidence towards Academics is starting to show now. I'm looking forward to a long journey with the Gideon family.
Robert D.
Robert D.
21:46 02 Apr 20
My daughter has been attending classes at the Coppell center for a year, and we are so pleased with her progress!! In a few short months she has begun to read. The curricula is very well-developed and progresses in a systematic manner. The mastery learning is difficult at first, but I appreciate the high standards because it makes everything easier down the line. My daughter does her daily work, approximately 20-30 minutes a day, and looks forward to her class at the Coppell center. We added math and love the adorable pictures (in the books) and introduction to numbers and basic math concepts. I am happy to recommend the Gideon program to anyone!
Kavita B.
Kavita B.
20:08 13 Jun 19
My parents moved me from another location of Gideon to Coppell. I've been a student of Mrs. Coppedge for last two years and is now in 5th grade. I have learned so much since I joined here and I am now doing Algebra. Mrs. Coppedge and her staff are awesome and the center is quiet. Thank you Mrs. Coppedge.
Matt G.
Matt G.
16:46 16 Mar 19
Our son has gone to Gideon for about 6 months. His math and reading scores have increased dramatically. The owner, Wendy, and her son, Boston, do an excellent working with the children. We’ve been to other tutoring places, and Gideon by far is the best.
John B
John B
17:22 30 Dec 18
Gideon Math and Reading is truly an amazing place. I am a PROUD "original" student at the Coppell location where it all started!! I started going to Gideon as young as I can remember and I am now almost 21 and doing tremendously at Auburn University! I currently have a 3.81 GPA and have been on the Dean's list every single semester of college, and all of my thanks goes to Gideon and the owner:) and numerous staff over the years! The math and english lessons made such a difference in Elementary, Middle, and High School which has definitely shown in my diligence with college! I can still remember how I was leaps and bounds ahead of my fellow classmates at TCA in Addison because of how invested everyone at Gideon was with my work! I am so so so THANKFUL for all the hard work and patience everyone at Gideon showed me and my sister growing up because I would not be where I am today without them! It is truly amazing to have come back to Coppell, to Gideon, after almost 10 years of being away and having so much academic success to show for all the work I did growing up. I am speechless at how incredible Gideon is. My sister (a Vanderbilt Grad) who also studied at Oxford and Camdbridge in England, and I, an Auburn University Junior, are true success stories of Gideon Math and Reading.
Becca H.
Becca H.
00:27 28 Dec 18
The director at the Coppell Gideon Math and Reading Center is involved in every child's programming and development. My son has made tremendous strides over the past few months, and he has made advances in his educational performance despite a learning disability. He is more confident, and the design of the Gideon program adheres to his personal needs. Highly recommend Wendy C and her staff!!!
Erika S
Erika S
16:16 09 Nov 18
My son finished first grade reading two levels above the expecting level for first graders. This would have not been possible without the dedication and help from the staff and Mrs. Wendy. Gideon has been one of the greatest tools in my son education. I will be forever grateful for all my son has achieved while attending Mrs. Wendy's center.
Veronica B.
Veronica B.
22:16 19 Jun 18
I highly recommend this place!! My son started the reading program back in October after being diagnosed with dyslexia. I did not believe the school diagnostic and decided to look up for help here at Gideon. I noticed a change on my son education in just a week. Therefore, it was the best decision I could ever make for my son success. He has improved tremendously from DRA reading level 14 to 29 in just 7 months. According to some educators, this achievemen was not possible but he did it!!!! He also improved his writing skills and mastered other subjects as a second grader. Gideon has a very efficient and productive curriculum. Mrs. Wendy and her staff are super friendly and helpful. I will forever be grateful to Gideon because they revolutionary my son's education and self esteem!!! He was misdiagnosed but my son's hard work through Gideon help him proved the school wrong.Please, do not hesitate to enroll your kiddos here!!! It is the best investment for your kids future!!!!
Rosa B.
Rosa B.
22:33 14 Jun 18
My child will actually insist on working on his Gideon homework instead of going to the park! Gideon’s workbooks and structure have made learning fun and really builds confidence, which is exactly what they promise. Seeing this, our youngest is more than ready to start “Gideon Time” when she is old enough. It’s a joy to see how Gideon has made them love learning!
Pearl and D.
Pearl and D.
18:16 02 Jun 18
Gideon has revolutionized my children's education. In just a short time I've seen a remarkable improvement in both math and read. Specifically, my 4 yr old son who struggled with letter recognition is now reading short words in just 2 short months. The Coppedge family really takes good care of our kids and I'd recommend to anyone!
Mickey S.
Mickey S.
16:31 04 Apr 18
7 yr old daughter started just a couple weeks ago, and I am shocked at how fast she has improved. We tried a couple other programs like reflex math, but none of them produced the results we were hoping for. This has been well worth the investment!
Ben B.
Ben B.
23:10 02 Apr 18
Gideon Coppell is awesome they are doing great jobSpecial thanks to Sydney !!!!My son Venkat Sai improved a lot he learned lot of new words and analytical skill is improving Thanks Wendy and team
Haripriya S
Haripriya S
02:54 29 Nov 17
Best coaching for individual student, the teachers and folks running the organization knows about every student's learning habits and weakness!Gideon trains your child to focus and success
vijay P.
vijay P.
20:37 27 Jul 16
Fantastic experience at Gideon Coppell! My 13 year old attended Gideon Coppell for 6 years. My 9 year old is a current Gideon student and has attended Gideon Coppell for 3 years. Their grades have improved dramatically while attending Gideon. My 13 year old is now an all "A" student now, and my 9 year old now gets "excellent" for every subject. Both just received their STAAR results and scored above the cutoff for "level 3/advanced". Gideon Coppell is a family run business. Ms. Coppedge and her daughter have excellent teaching/education credentials. The high school students who work there are all great kids with a passion for teaching. I recommend Gideon Coppell for anyone whose child is struggling in school, or for anyone who wants to give their child a competitive advantage. Gideon Coppell has been a wonderful supplement for our children's education and worth every penny.
David O.
David O.
17:50 22 Jul 16
My son Aariz hated Math and he thought he was not good at it. It was one of his worst subjects. We had him join Gideon. He started with just four pages a day in the book, went up to 8, then 12 and now he finishes one book in less than 20 minutes and wants more. When he is bored, he wants to pick up his book and do some math. Thanks to Ms. Wendy and Gideon - Aariz is actually enjoying Math and is feeling more confident about it.
Anita R.
Anita R.
22:48 27 Jun 16

Gideon - Coppell

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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