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Wendy Coppedge has been involved in supplemental education since 1991 when she enrolled her three children in the local math and reading center. She immediately witnessed first hand how daily practice built, not only concentration and fundamental skills, but also confidence. Stephanie Coppedge, her daughter, joined her in 2002 after receiving a math degree at UT Austin and teaching Algebra I, geometry, and math modeling at an Austin area high school. She also spent 10+ years as a math tutor. Together, mother and daughter own and operate the center in Coppell, TX near Dallas.

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3: Center visits 2x a week + HW for other days
4: Confidence through Mastery
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Their tag line “ Building Confidence through Mastery” is absolutely true. I should truly appreciate Ms Wendy for giving…

Posted by Nithya Haricharan on Wednesday, September 27, 2017

First of all, thank you to my dear Mrs. Coppedge. This amazing system that she created is the reason my child is a full…

Posted by Jose Zuniga on Thursday, June 2, 2016

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Gideon is very economical, and when you think of the advantages you are giving your child's future, there is no better choice.

Erik J.

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I highly recommend this place!! My son started the reading program back in October after being diagnosed with dyslexia. I noticed a change in my son’s education in just a week. Therefore, it was the best decision I could ever make for my son’s success. He has improved tremendously from DRA reading level 14 to 29 in just 7 months as a 2nd grader. According to some educators, this achievement was not possible, but he did it!!!!

I will forever be grateful to Gideon because they revolutionized my son’s education and self-esteem!!

Rosa B.

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My son, Aariz, hated math, and he thought he was not good at it. It was one of his worst subjects. We had him join Gideon. He started with just four pages a day in the book, went up to 8, then 12 and now he finishes one book in less than 20 minutes and wants more. When he is bored, he wants to pick up his book and do some math. Thanks to Ms. Wendy and Gideon – Aariz is actually enjoying math and is feeling more confident about it.
Anita R.


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Fantastic experience at Gideon Coppell! My 13 year old attended Gideon Coppell for 6 years. My 9 year old is a current Gideon student and has attended Gideon Coppell for 3 years. Their grades have improved dramatically while attending Gideon. My 13 year old is now an all “A” student now, and my 9 year old now gets “excellent” for every subject. Both just received their STAAR results and scored above the cutoff for “level 3/advanced”. Gideon Coppell is a family run business. Ms. Coppedge and her daughter have excellent teaching/education credentials. The high school students who work there are all great kids with a passion for teaching. I recommend Gideon Coppell for anyone whose child is struggling in school, or for anyone who wants to give their child a competitive advantage. Gideon Coppell has been a wonderful supplement for our children’s education and worth every penny.

David O.

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