Gideon - East Plano

Building Confidence Through Academic Mastery
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Gideon - East Plano

Building Confidence Through Academic Mastery
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We have reopened for in-center classes, and we will continue to offer ONLINE alternatives for those who are not ready.

We are enrolling new students right now!

Our method uses pencil & paper.

Less screen time is better for everyone, and writing by hand creates better memorization.



Our system gives you structure.

All our booklets are sequenced in a step-by step layout with mastery standards.



Help sessions scheduled on demand.

We are now offering phone and online help in addition to the explanations already in each booklet.


Gain real academic progress.

Use all this extra time at home to make excellent strides in math and reading while school is disrupted.

Gideon Math & Reading – East Plano

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280 Legacy Dr. #150, East Plano, TX 75023 
Gideon East Plano is located on the SE corner of Legacy and Chase Oaks near 75/Central Exp.

Gideon East Plano

Weekly Schedule

Regular Class Hours

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 2 PM – 6:30 PM

Wednesday: 2 PM – 6:30 PM

Thursday: 2 PM – 6:30 PM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: 2 PM – 5 PM

Sunday: CLOSED

New student placement evaluations are done by appointment. – LINK

Monthly Pricing

Young Learners with 2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • YL Math: $140/month

  • YL Reading: $160/month

  • YL Math & Reading: $260/month

Independent Learners with 4:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • IL Math: $140/month

  • IL Math Extended: $250/month
  • IL Reading: $150/month

  • IL Math & Reading: $250/month

Registration Fee: $50/student

There are no long-term contracts, only month to month.

Prepay Specials

  • Pay 4 months in advance to receive a one $30 discount per subject off the total.

  • Pay 8 months in advance to receive your 9th month FREE.

  • Prepays are non-refundable.

At what age can my student start attending?

  • We work with students aged four and up who are able to focus for 10-15 minutes.

How many times a week will my student come to the center and for how long is each visit?

  • April 2020: Due to COVID-19, we are offering the Gideon at Home Correspondence Plan with online sessions using the same booklets.
  • Most students attend twice a week for center visits and complete Gideon assignments at home the other days. However, you can come once a week or request extra classes for an additional fee.
  • Each center visit is typically 20 - 30 minutes per subject to do individual daily assignments, complete any old corrections, and review new material.  A Gideon instructor will be at the table with the students to assist as needed.  We maintain a 2:1 student to teacher ratio for Young Learners (aged 4-8) or 4:1 ratio for Independent Learners (aged 9 and up).

What level of work will my student be doing?

  • During the free placement evaluation, we will find a 'just right' point in the Gideon curriculum based on what skills your student shows as mastered in order to fill any holes and gaps in his foundation.  Read more about the importance of mastering lower levels HERE. Download a full curriculum listing HERE.
  • Our goal is to build confidence through mastery with progress right from the start to encourage focus and concentration. 

Does Gideon work with students with learning differences such as dyslexia?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works well for most students, including those with learning differences.  While school must continue on its schedule, we have the luxury to allow the student to set the pace and do any extra practice needed to truly master each level.  If your student has dyslexia, read THIS to find out why Gideon is a good solution.

Does Gideon work with students with special needs such as autism?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works with many special needs students.  We can evaluate further if Gideon is a good fit when we meet your student during the free placement evaluation.

How do we get the MOST out of Gideon?

  • Simply doing the daily work consistently will result in great progress, but review these tips for parents HERE.

Let's get started.

Schedule your FREE online student placement evaluation below. Call us to request a time not listed.

That’s one step closer to mastery!

Learn as young as four.

Children can start learning to read and do basic math around age four and up.

Remove the school struggle.

Reduce homework stress by solidifying the foundation and filling in any holes and gaps.


Set a comfortable pace.

Your child will progress through the step-by-step curriculum at his or her own speed.

Master beyond grade level.

Without any pressure of grades, your student can tackle new concepts not yet learned in school.


Owner and Director, Fiona Yee, was raised by parents who put a huge emphasis on receiving the best education. It was deeply ingrained in her being at a young age to aim for the highest. Every one of her six siblings is either an entrepreneur or a professional. To her, the sky is the limit. She pursued and received a doctor’s degree in pharmacy in 1994 and has been a supervisor in the workforce for 20 years. Fiona has a deep love of children and has been teaching them every week in her church for over 15 years. Her own children started the Gideon program when they each were five years old. It is truly an incredibly beneficial and structured self-paced program. Both her children are excelling at a gifted and talented public school which is rated among the top 5% percent of their school district. She has seen how the potentials of the learning capacity of her own children are being brought to the fullest by Gideon. She believes in the Gideon curriculum and philosophy so much that she decided to open a center to help many more children receive these benefits.

My daughter has been here for 6 weeks and she has improved so much on Math and Reading. Her confidence level has increased. Now she is eager to learn new things and be challenged. I am very happy with the teachers. She always talks about how nice they are! I recommend this center to all the parents.
Ni made vanny N.
Ni made vanny N.
23:55 01 Oct 19
Our daughters made a lot of good progress in both Reading and Math. We have seen marked improvements. We are very happy to have our kids and are looking forward many more years to come and see our kids succeed in their kids succeed in their future endeavors.
Nitin J.
Nitin J.
21:09 03 Apr 19
My daughter started here at this Gideon 8 weeks ago. This is the best place ever! She has really gained confidence in herself. And her teacher gave me a great feedback and told me today that she noticed the marked improvement and her willingness to learn. As a parent, I definitely this tutoring center to others. Fiona and her teachers work very hard to help my child make the progress. I really appreciate it! Very happy!
21:09 02 Apr 19
We enrolled our daughter shortly after school started this year. We recently received her second-9-week progress report and she has had a marked improvement in her math. I believe her concentration and confidence, particularly in her math ability, has greatly increased due to Gideon. I feel Fiona and her staff are top notch and would highly recommend this facility!
C T.
C T.
12:55 19 Nov 18
I am really happy that my son has joined this Gideon. He has improved so much and his confidence has increased. We moved here two years. Thank you, Ms Fiona, for helping us. I suggest not to ask for discount. When you see your child growing in confidence and succeeding, that makes the value of your money all worth it. I highly recommend this to my friends!
Jignesh J.
Jignesh J.
00:03 09 Nov 18
I highly recommend Gideon, it’s A place where your child can enhance what he/she learned from school, master his/her skills and long term retention of what is being learned. I’ve seen a lot of improvement from my son after he stared Gideon math and reading classes.
May L.
May L.
22:17 24 Oct 18
I am really with Fiona and her awesome teachers. Gideon in east Plano is run very smoothly and it’s environment is very conducive to a child’s learning. My son has been for 8 weeks. He was previously in Kumon for 6 months and got very frustrating with the lack of attention or interaction with the tutors there. His progress at Gideon has been dramatically improved. It is such a joy to see his confidence level raised up in such a short time. He looks forward to his classes at Gideon and loves his teachers here. At school, his teacher has noticed his progress and his new found confidence.I highly recommend the place and am spreading the word to my friends and family.
23:52 26 Sep 18
So thankful we made the decision to put our daughter in 1x1 tutoring over the summer at Gideon. She had been a solid B student last year, but, lost her confidence. Fiona and her teachers were great to work with and really helped her develop independence and improved her skills. She started high school confident and has already been achieving all A’s on her math tests. This has been one the best decisions we made for our daughter and we will continue with the tutoring.
Mom K.
Mom K.
16:44 08 Sep 18
My 5 year old daughter went to this gideon for math and english. She improved a lot after going to this center for 1 year. we saw a significant improvement in her skills. I recommend this place to everyone. The center owners fiona and her husband are very friendly and treat you very well.
suma L.
suma L.
02:16 21 Jun 18
Gideon in East Plano is awesome!! My 6 years old daughter has significantly improve from the beginning of school year to end on her computerized test scores thanks to Gideon East. They have a comfortable and friendly environment. I love each time my daughter goes they give a progress report. I highly recommend Gideon East Plan!! Fiona (Owner) is always available when you need her and very understanding.
Cassidy Gilbert D.
Cassidy Gilbert D.
20:57 22 May 18
Gideon has been fantastic for our son who struggles in school due to attention and reading difficulties. The staff is patient and kind. You can tell they enjoy working with kids and have really helped him improve. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to help their child excel!
Georgia N.
Georgia N.
14:57 13 Apr 18
My son joined Gideon (Plano location) almost 3 yrs back in 1st grade after trying Kumon for a year & half. Both educational institutions have their speciality in teaching methods but we found course material & teachers @ Gideon made all the difference in motivating our child in learning in much friendlier env. Needless to say Ms Fiona & Mr Andy (in charge & owner) and her staff have put their sincere effort in helping our child to build strong foundation and confidence in both subjects & to be ahead of the game. During enrollment, she took special care in evaluating child’s level & ability to put the child into right starting line. Periodically conducts parent’s meet to discuss child’s progress (also when requested). Received honest feedback in areas of improvement based on child’s strength & weakness. Thanks to Ms Fiona for sharing valuable tips, advice & experiences in general. Wishing Ms Fiona & Mr Andy very best in keeping up the same level of excellent education service for years to come.
Anand V.
Anand V.
01:52 11 Apr 18

Gideon - East Plano

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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