Even if your school has done a great job with its virtual classes during the COVID-19 closures, getting real academic progress while at home can be a challenge. Mom and Dad need to work, the dog is barking, and the baby is crying. It is hard enough to teach every child well with in-school ratios of 25+ students to 1 teacher. Video conferencing, with its distractions and those ratios, can be especially difficult.

Researchers are already concerned with what they term a ‘COVID slide.’ This is similar to the commonly known ‘summer slide’ where the student loses ground on the academic progress made due to no learning for several months. And if we combine a weak spring semester with an inactive summer, you will have a difficult fall semester on your hands. Don’t let this happen to your child.

But NWEA’s projections suggest learning loss related to these closures would be anything but typical: If students return to school campuses in the fall without continuity of instruction during the closures, they could have retained only about 70 percent of their reading progress, compared to a normal year.

… And math looks worse: Depending on the grade, students were projected to lose anywhere from half to all of their academic growth from the last year, compared to normal student growth.

If your child’s learning progress has been derailed due to the school disruption, there are several things you can do to get back on track NOW.

1) Memorize math facts through daily practice. – Download our FREE oral fact sheet cards here.
2) Read daily with your child and emphasize any phonetic rules he or she hasn’t internalized.
c) Find a program that can fill in any specific holes and gaps your child has through daily practice.

A weak foundation from just one spring can create struggles in the fall, and if not addressed, into high school and beyond limiting your child’s opportunities.

With low student to teacher ratios of 2:1, Gideon’s individualized, self-paced math and reading programs solidify students’ foundations step-by-step and build confidence through mastery. A solid foundation will propel students through high school and college allowing them to pursue their dreams.

When students have a solid foundation in math and reading, they are more likely to succeed in school and beyond.

The good news is you just need to get started.  Get back on track with Gideon at Home: Booklets + Online Support.  Learn more here.

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