Gideon - Little Rock

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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Gideon - Little Rock

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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Gideon Math & Reading – Little Rock

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1121 S. Bowman Rd., Ste. C-4, Little Rock, AR 72211 
Gideon Little Rock is located on the NE corner of Bowman and Kanis near I-430.

Gideon Little Rock

Weekly Schedule

Regular Class Hours

Monday: 3 PM – 7 PM

Tuesday: CLOSED

Wednesday: 4 PM – 7 PM

Thursday: 3 PM – 7 PM

Friday: CLOSED

Saturday: BY APPT. ONLY

Sunday: CLOSED

New student placement evaluations are done by appointment. – LINK

Monthly Pricing

Young Learners with 2:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • YL Math: $120/month

  • YL Reading: $130/month

  • YL Math & Reading: $225/month

Independent Learners with 4:1 Student to Teacher Ratio

  • IL Math: $120/month

  • IL Reading: $130/month

  • IL Math & Reading: $225/month

Registration Fee: $50/student

There are no long-term contracts, only month to month.

Prepay Specials

  • Pay 4 months in advance to receive a one $30 discount per subject off the total.

  • Pay 8 months in advance to receive your 9th month FREE.

  • Prepays are non-refundable.

At what age can my student start attending?

  • We work with students aged four and up who are able to focus for 10-15 minutes.

How many times a week will my student come to the center and for how long is each visit?

  • Most students attend twice a week for center visits and complete Gideon assignments at home the other days. However, you can come once a week or request extra classes for an additional fee.
  • Each center visit is typically 20 - 30 minutes per subject to do individual daily assignments, complete any old corrections, and review new material.  A Gideon instructor will be at the table with the students to assist as needed.  We maintain a 2:1 student to teacher ratio for Young Learners (aged 4-8) or 4:1 ratio for Independent Learners (aged 9 and up).

What level of work will my student be doing?

  • During the free placement evaluation, we will find a 'just right' point in the Gideon curriculum based on what skills your student shows as mastered in order to fill any holes and gaps in his foundation.  Read more about the importance of mastering lower levels HERE. Download a full curriculum listing HERE.
  • Our goal is to build confidence through mastery with progress right from the start to encourage focus and concentration. 

Does Gideon work with students with learning differences such as dyslexia?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works well for most students, including those with learning differences.  While school must continue on its schedule, we have the luxury to allow the student to set the pace and do any extra practice needed to truly master each level.  If your student has dyslexia, read THIS to find out why Gideon is a good solution.

Does Gideon work with students with special needs such as autism?

  • Yes, the Gideon program works with many special needs students.  We can evaluate further if Gideon is a good fit when we meet your student during the free placement evaluation.

How do we get the MOST out of Gideon?

  • Simply doing the daily work consistently will result in great progress, but review these tips for parents HERE.

Let's get started.

Schedule your FREE student placement evaluation below. That’s one step closer to mastery!

Learn as young as four.

Children can start learning to read and do basic math around age four and up.

Remove the school struggle.

Reduce homework stress by solidifying the foundation and filling in any holes and gaps.


Set a comfortable pace.

Your child will progress through the step-by-step curriculum at his or her own speed.

Master beyond grade level.

Without any pressure of grades, your student can tackle new concepts not yet learned in school.

Management, Staff, and environment at Gideon Littlerock are friendly and encouraging. According to me understanding concept, concentration, practice, consistency is key for learning, we are noticing improvement in all aspects with our kid after he started Gideon and he is more confident now. Most importantly he is enjoying Gideon. I recommend this Gideon center to anyone without any doubt.
Aravind D.
20:51 07 Jan 20
We have had a great experience with Gideon Tutoring. The owner worked hard to find the right fit in a tutor for our daughter. Our schedule is complicated and the owner and tutor always work to accommodate my daughter's busy schedule which is not easy...but so helpful. Thank you!
Laura R.
Laura R.
19:37 24 Nov 19
My grand daughter is 9 and she has been struggling with reading and math for a couple of years. I have been paying for a private tutor during school year, yet she was still struggling. After checking into several different reading and math programs and speaking with Ms. Sara at Gideon in Little Rock, I enrolled her and the first few weeks we notice the change. She has more confidence in her self. She actual loves doing her home work. Gideon Math & Reading program is by far the best thing that could have happen to her. This program works and the staff is very supportive. It is well worth the money.
Cynt Luv
Cynt L.
19:29 28 Aug 19
My son was struggling to learn his letter sounds and beginning words in kindergarten so we started him at Gideon in March. Now he is reading on his own and is ready for first grade! The tutors were patient and helped him learn at his pace.
Angela Stowell
Angela S.
13:08 11 Aug 19
My kids have been going to Gideon for over a year. Gideon has helped my daughter improve in Reading and Math. Also the ACT prep program has helped my daughter increase her score. The tutors are very helpful and make learning fun. I would highly recommend them.
Reehana M
Reehana M
19:30 05 Aug 19
The staff at Gideon are very approachable and will work with the parents as a team to make sure their child gets the most out of the curriculum.They are also good about troubleshooting with the needs of the student.My son improved his scores in English on his standardized tests at school, with the help of coaching he received at Gideon.
Sowmya Patil
Sowmya P.
19:59 26 Jul 19
We have been with Gideon for years! Awesome tutors and wonderful experience. I have 3 children who have used Gideon
elizabeth maris
elizabeth M.
12:41 25 Jul 19
My daughter has been attending Gideon for the last 2 years. Her ACT score has gone up 5 points, since she started attending. The tutors are very helpful and knowledgeable. She hopes to go to a good college one day and the staff of Gideon are working with her. Thank you Gideon tutors.
04:02 25 Jul 19
My son has been going for almost six months now and we already see significant improvement and progress. It’s definitely worth the money and time, I would strongly recommend this to anyone with kids from 5 and up. The staff is great and the atmosphere is always very encouraging and positive.
Inessa Im
Inessa I.
22:25 24 Jul 19
I wanted my daughter to practice a little more math to compliment her going to school to pulaski academy..I found gideon after school program..its twice a week half hour with a teacher and 5 pages a day a booklet they provide to practice at home..very reasonable,friendly ,outstanding service ..miss Sara the owner is amazing..she is great with the kids and helps in every way she can to improve my daughters skills.By far that was my best investment and now I am thinking of putting my daughter in english the way my daughter always comes out with a 95 in her class..and enjoys math and that was my goal
Karim Adatia
Karim A.
21:35 24 Jul 19
My kid is going to Gideon from past few years. The staff is very efficient, encouraging and caring. They know how to motivate the kids to learn math so they no longer struggle. They have a very good ACT program for middle and high school. I highly recommend Gideon to anyone considering it.
Sarada Rani Aggala
Sarada Rani A.
03:02 24 Jul 19
My daughter has been going to Gideon for over 3 years, and she loves it. The staff has helped her excel in her math and reading classes at school, and I really like that Gideon goes with her learning pace, not anyone else's. The ACT prep that she got from Gideon also helped her get a very high ACT score for only being in 7th grade. I would recommend this place to any student seeking guidance in his or her classwork and/or learning path.
Mukesh Patel
Mukesh P.
23:29 23 Jul 19
My son was struggling with writing, reading and comprehension. Everybody at Gideon was very understanding and helpful from the beginning, they created a good curriculum for him, after 6 months of going to Gideon he has improved tremendously. The staff cares about each student’s academic growth, I highly recommend them.
Gabriela Vachon
Gabriela V.
00:40 27 Apr 19
We are very pleased with the progress our four year old daughter has made in Gideon for the the few months. She loves the color books Gideon provides and enjoys doing the homework .
George Petrov
George P.
13:10 13 Apr 19

Gideon - Little Rock

Building Confidence Through Mastery
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