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      Gideon Math & Reading
      Based on 278 reviews
      I’ve seen improvement with my son’s competence and confidence in Math and Reading. I would highly recommend Gideon and the Prosper location to anybody in need of tutoring.
      KAKRA Q.
      01:39 27 May 20
      Gideon is a wonderful service that helps students of all ages improve their grades in school as well as their SAT/ACT test scores! Gideon offers tutoring across all subjects, chess club, and supplemental work over the summer. The workers are well-qualified and very patient. I would highly recommend this for anyone wanting their child to do well!
      Kevin Nguyen
      Kevin N.
      23:07 18 May 20
      We have been with Gideon since a year now, my daughter has extremely improved in her reading, struggling with phonic sounds to now reading her grade level books. That's huge! Besides, reading she improved her math skills as well - they don't move kids forward in lessons unless and until they completely learn things in and out and this has helped my daughter a lot. Highly recommend Gideon!
      Eram Aziz
      Eram A.
      15:41 11 Mar 20
      My son has shown great improvement in his grades and desire to learn. This program helps with dyslexia and allows the child to correct their own mistakes.
      marshanta ice
      marshanta I.
      16:51 22 Feb 20
      My son loves Gideon. One place that I don't have to drag him to :)Gideon has been great at building a foundation in English language for him. I think the grammar and vocab daily practice is amazing. It looks easy and doesn't make them sweat, but I think going over and over helps him in long term. I see improvement The team here in McKinney is great and very accommodating. Thanks all!
      Gurpreet Kochar
      Gurpreet K.
      21:03 19 Feb 20
      Both my son and daughter goes to this Gideon location. They have improved a lot. Teachers pay close attention to make understand every concept
      Prashanthi Patel
      Prashanthi P.
      21:35 11 Feb 20
      My little one has improved a lot after started going here. Her learning abilities have increased since she joined.
      Kirti Mishra
      Kirti M.
      19:49 11 Feb 20
      Absolutely the best learning center in Frisco. We have seen tremendous improvement in our daughter's confidence and test scores. She is doing above grade level math, thanks to strong foundation that Gideon helped build. Teacher give personalized attention and are always there to answer any questions. Highly recommend this Gideon center on Preston Road.
      Scott D
      Scott D
      15:03 26 Jan 20
      My Daughter has been going to this center for 6 months now and have seen great improvement in reading and math. The center has good instructors who are very kind and supportive to the kids. Would highly recommend this center .
      sangeetha sundaram
      sangeetha S.
      00:11 14 Jan 20
      My daughter has been going to this Gideon center for a year now. We see a good improvement in her reading skills and math. The center has improved a lot under new management. They allow kids to go at their own pace, courses are well structured, there is personal attention from center owner Victor, regular progress monitoring help to set right pace. Overall a good experience. Thanks to new owner Victor.
      Ashish Sonone
      Ashish S.
      17:38 11 Jan 20
      Management, Staff, and environment at Gideon Littlerock are friendly and encouraging. According to me understanding concept, concentration, practice, consistency is key for learning, we are noticing improvement in all aspects with our kid after he started Gideon and he is more confident now. Most importantly he is enjoying Gideon. I recommend this Gideon center to anyone without any doubt.
      Aravind DBADUDE
      Aravind D.
      20:51 07 Jan 20
      Our family has benefited greatly from attending classes here. After about two months I can see that our kids (kindergarten and 2nd grade) have improved their reading and math skills. The lessons that are different than what they are doing in school, which means they aren’t just repeating work they are already doing in their class work, but they are supplementing it. The lessons are individualized to meet your child where they are in their development so you don’t have to worry about your child being challenged or falling behind. The owner and staff are all incredibly nice and nurturing as well. Highly recommend!
      Jennifer Durbin
      Jennifer D.
      23:54 11 Nov 19
      I cannot express how amazing Ms. Divya (the center owner) is. She is kind, understanding, patient, knowledgeable, and a very special person! My two girls are currently enrolled at her center for both math and reading and I have seen such an improvement in as little as 2 weeks and it just seems to continue. She really pays attention to the children and is able to identify my childrens downfalls even better than I can. I highly recommend Ms. Divya at this Gideon location in will NOT regret it!! TWO THUMBS UP!!
      Ashley Varughese
      Ashley V.
      01:42 31 Oct 19
      I highly recommend this Gideon location on Preston Road - Central Frisco. Ms. Aarti and her staff are very patient, attentive and professional. My kids have shown improved confidence in Reading and Math. I am glad that I enrolled them here.
      Asha C
      Asha C
      02:35 16 Oct 19
      My daughter has been here for 6 weeks and she has improved so much on Math and Reading. Her confidence level has increased. Now she is eager to learn new things and be challenged. I am very happy with the teachers. She always talks about how nice they are! I recommend this center to all the parents.
      Ni made vanny Novariani
      Ni made vanny N.
      23:55 01 Oct 19
      My kids have been going to Gideon for over a year. Gideon has helped my daughter improve in Reading and Math. Also the ACT prep program has helped my daughter increase her score. The tutors are very helpful and make learning fun. I would highly recommend them.
      Reehana M
      Reehana M
      19:30 05 Aug 19
      My son has been going for almost six months now and we already see significant improvement and progress. It’s definitely worth the money and time, I would strongly recommend this to anyone with kids from 5 and up. The staff is great and the atmosphere is always very encouraging and positive.
      Inessa Im
      Inessa I.
      22:25 24 Jul 19
      I wanted my daughter to practice a little more math to compliment her going to school to pulaski academy..I found gideon after school program..its twice a week half hour with a teacher and 5 pages a day a booklet they provide to practice at home..very reasonable,friendly ,outstanding service ..miss Sara the owner is amazing..she is great with the kids and helps in every way she can to improve my daughters skills.By far that was my best investment and now I am thinking of putting my daughter in english the way my daughter always comes out with a 95 in her class..and enjoys math and that was my goal
      Karim Adatia
      Karim A.
      21:35 24 Jul 19
      My son was struggling with writing, reading and comprehension. Everybody at Gideon was very understanding and helpful from the beginning, they created a good curriculum for him, after 6 months of going to Gideon he has improved tremendously. The staff cares about each student’s academic growth, I highly recommend them.
      Gabriela Vachon
      Gabriela V.
      00:40 27 Apr 19
      Our daughters made a lot of good progress in both Reading and Math. We have seen marked improvements. We are very happy to have our kids and are looking forward many more years to come and see our kids succeed in their kids succeed in their future endeavors.
      Nitin Jain
      Nitin J.
      21:09 03 Apr 19
      My daughter started here at this Gideon 8 weeks ago. This is the best place ever! She has really gained confidence in herself. And her teacher gave me a great feedback and told me today that she noticed the marked improvement and her willingness to learn. As a parent, I definitely this tutoring center to others. Fiona and her teachers work very hard to help my child make the progress. I really appreciate it! Very happy!
      21:09 02 Apr 19
      My daughter Kamila, started Gideon a few months ago, she was struggling with math and having a hard time at school. At first she was not very happy with the idea of math tutoring, but after only her first time at Gideon, she was super excited to attend. She has improved so much and we can already tell the difference. She used to not enjoy math at all, and now, even though it’s not her favorite, she looks forward to Gideon. I can not thank you enough for what you guys have done!! I highly recommend Gideon!!
      Maria Barreiro
      Maria B.
      02:37 22 Mar 19
      This is an excellent tutoring location! Ms Aarti and her staff are very professional, attentive and friendly. They put in a lot of effort in teaching the kids and my little one improved her math and reading dramatically with just a couple of classes. I would highly recommend this location!
      Janaki Duggirala
      Janaki D.
      16:33 06 Mar 19
      Syllabus is great. I see big improvement in my kid’s math ability.
      phani Gottipati
      phani G.
      00:14 16 Jan 19
      My child has been enrolled at Gideon Frisco for past 18 months. I have seen great improvement with his reading and math skills. The ratios are low and teachers take their time to help each student. As parents, we receive feedback after each class and also regular conferences to monitor the progress.
      kumara Raja Pallamreddy
      kumara Raja P.
      02:23 05 Dec 18
      Since two years my daughter was going to Gideon. At present she is in 5th grade. Trust me there is lot of improvement on my daughter progress card. The main reason is the management; how keen there were on each student. I sincerely appreciate Arati; the time she spends with the parents in explaining what they need. She explains the Student if needed by herself. I appreciate Vinita for all her coordination with student and parents for any missed classes. I am so so impressed the dedication they have.... . I guess Gideon is a systematic program that align with any ISD curriculum. Always my daughter loves to go to Gideon.
      Shradha Kundur
      Shradha K.
      22:20 04 Dec 18
      We enrolled our daughter shortly after school started this year. We recently received her second-9-week progress report and she has had a marked improvement in her math. I believe her concentration and confidence, particularly in her math ability, has greatly increased due to Gideon. I feel Fiona and her staff are top notch and would highly recommend this facility!
      C Toth
      C T.
      12:55 19 Nov 18
      I am really happy that my son has joined this Gideon. He has improved so much and his confidence has increased. We moved here two years. Thank you, Ms Fiona, for helping us. I suggest not to ask for discount. When you see your child growing in confidence and succeeding, that makes the value of your money all worth it. I highly recommend this to my friends!
      Jignesh Jayaswal
      Jignesh J.
      00:03 09 Nov 18
      Fantastic experience and very student focused. My daughter has been going for about 4 months and we have seen her habits and confidence improve dramatically.
      Brian Goclan
      Brian G.
      14:26 28 Oct 18
      I highly recommend Gideon, it’s A place where your child can enhance what he/she learned from school, master his/her skills and long term retention of what is being learned. I’ve seen a lot of improvement from my son after he stared Gideon math and reading classes.
      May Lopez
      May L.
      22:17 24 Oct 18
      I am really with Fiona and her awesome teachers. Gideon in east Plano is run very smoothly and it’s environment is very conducive to a child’s learning. My son has been for 8 weeks. He was previously in Kumon for 6 months and got very frustrating with the lack of attention or interaction with the tutors there. His progress at Gideon has been dramatically improved. It is such a joy to see his confidence level raised up in such a short time. He looks forward to his classes at Gideon and loves his teachers here. At school, his teacher has noticed his progress and his new found confidence. I highly recommend the place and am spreading the word to my friends and family.
      MJ Vasa
      MJ V.
      23:52 26 Sep 18
      Our 8 year-old daughter has been going to the Gideon Central Frisco location at Preston and Stonebrook for the last 4 years. When Ms. Aarti opened her second location in McKinney which is closer to our home, we didn’t hesitate to move our daughter there immediately. The Gideon focus on core Math and reading fundamentals have really gone a long way in helping shape our daughter’s educational journey through school. Given our confidence in Ms. Aarti and her staff, we also enrolled our 5 year-old at the McKinney location this year. Within a few months, she has greatly improved on her reading and math skills as well. Ms. Aarti herself is a personable, available and engaged teacher and great at providing feedback and answering questions which is extremely helpful for us as parents. Both our kids are happy working and learning from her staff. I highly recommend Gideon for providing strong fundamentals and a well-balanced education to kids along with regular school.
      Arun Arasan
      Arun A.
      21:11 11 Sep 18
      So thankful we made the decision to put our daughter in 1x1 tutoring over the summer at Gideon. She had been a solid B student last year, but, lost her confidence. Fiona and her teachers were great to work with and really helped her develop independence and improved her skills. She started high school confident and has already been achieving all A’s on her math tests. This has been one the best decisions we made for our daughter and we will continue with the tutoring.
      Kathy Kramer
      Kathy K.
      16:44 08 Sep 18
      I highly recommend Gideon Math and Reading in North Mckinney to parents who wants to see their children’s reading and math skills strengthen to the next grade level. The staff is highly skilled, professional and always willing to make time to address questions.I’m so impress with the flexibility of the owner and the staff. Gideon’s staff scheduled and completed a meeting with my daughter’s school teacher (at the school) to review areas of concerns and ways to enhance other areas. My daughter’s reading skills quickly improved base on the detailed analysis from Gideon. The environment is great and my daughter looks forward for her tutoring sessions. The staff gives excellent support to encourage children that they have the skills to grow to the next level.Thank you Mrs. Arora.
      Tonya Day
      Tonya D.
      23:29 23 Aug 18
      This location is fantastic. The staff are wonderful, demonstrating patience and care with our two children. We noticed a dramatic improvement in school performance with the first 6-8 weeks. I would, and have, recommended this to friends and peers.
      Lee Carter
      Lee C.
      23:06 30 Jul 18
      We enrolled our 4th grader last year at Gideon and have seen major improvements in her math skills. Her STAAR test scores prove the advancement made last year. Aarti and her staff are great to work with. They are always there to help out kids and provide regular feedback to parents.
      Rajesh Kumar
      Rajesh K.
      15:19 27 Jul 18
      I’m really happy with gideon. My son improved so much and they took good care of him definitely recommend to my friends
      Yagna Marla
      Yagna M.
      23:26 19 Jul 18
      My 5 year old daughter went to this gideon for math and english. She improved a lot after going to this center for 1 year. we saw a significant improvement in her skills. I recommend this place to everyone. The center owners fiona and her husband are very friendly and treat you very well.
      suma latha
      suma L.
      02:16 21 Jun 18
      My daughter struggled with math and reading as demonstrated by her grades, attitude and confidence level. After six months of attending Gideon, she caught up to her grade level in class and homework, improved her confidence and finished the year on the A-B Honor Roll! She truly enjoys learning the Gideon way!
      Joel Bagnal
      Joel B.
      16:51 19 Jun 18
      I highly recommend this place!! My son started the reading program back in October after being diagnosed with dyslexia. I did not believe the school diagnostic and decided to look up for help here at Gideon. I noticed a change on my son education in just a week. Therefore, it was the best decision I could ever make for my son success. He has improved tremendously from DRA reading level 14 to 29 in just 7 months. According to some educators, this achievemen was not possible but he did it!!!! He also improved his writing skills and mastered other subjects as a second grader. Gideon has a very efficient and productive curriculum. Mrs. Wendy and her staff are super friendly and helpful. I will forever be grateful to Gideon because they revolutionary my son's education and self esteem!!! He was misdiagnosed but my son's hard work through Gideon help him proved the school wrong.Please, do not hesitate to enroll your kiddos here!!! It is the best investment for your kids future!!!!
      Rosa Brown
      Rosa B.
      22:33 14 Jun 18
      Gideon in East Plano is awesome!! My 6 years old daughter has significantly improve from the beginning of school year to end on her computerized test scores thanks to Gideon East. They have a comfortable and friendly environment. I love each time my daughter goes they give a progress report. I highly recommend Gideon East Plan!! Fiona (Owner) is always available when you need her and very understanding.
      Cassidy Gilbert Dewberry
      Cassidy Gilbert D.
      20:57 22 May 18
      Gideon has been fantastic for our son who struggles in school due to attention and reading difficulties. The staff is patient and kind. You can tell they enjoy working with kids and have really helped him improve. I highly recommend them for anyone who wants to help their child excel!
      Georgia Nichols
      Georgia N.
      14:57 13 Apr 18
      My son joined Gideon (Plano location) almost 3 yrs back in 1st grade after trying Kumon for a year & half. Both educational institutions have their speciality in teaching methods but we found course material & teachers @ Gideon made all the difference in motivating our child in learning in much friendlier env. Needless to say Ms Fiona & Mr Andy (in charge & owner) and her staff have put their sincere effort in helping our child to build strong foundation and confidence in both subjects & to be ahead of the game. During enrollment, she took special care in evaluating child’s level & ability to put the child into right starting line. Periodically conducts parent’s meet to discuss child’s progress (also when requested). Received honest feedback in areas of improvement based on child’s strength & weakness. Thanks to Ms Fiona for sharing valuable tips, advice & experiences in general. Wishing Ms Fiona & Mr Andy very best in keeping up the same level of excellent education service for years to come.
      Anand Viswanathan
      Anand V.
      01:52 11 Apr 18
      Gideon has revolutionized my children's education. In just a short time I've seen a remarkable improvement in both math and read. Specifically, my 4 yr old son who struggled with letter recognition is now reading short words in just 2 short months. The Coppedge family really takes good care of our kids and I'd recommend to anyone!
      Mickey Seidenstein
      Mickey S.
      16:31 04 Apr 18
      7 yr old daughter started just a couple weeks ago, and I am shocked at how fast she has improved. We tried a couple other programs like reflex math, but none of them produced the results we were hoping for. This has been well worth the investment!
      Ben Burt
      Ben B.
      23:10 02 Apr 18
      My kids have been coming this Gideon for months. I have seen a lot of improvement on their math and reading skills. The teachers are very patient and nice. Both kids enjoy coming to the class every time! I would highly recommend those who need help in Math or Reading to come to this Gideon. My kids really love Gideon!
      Lucy Chou
      Lucy C.
      00:03 29 Mar 18
      My daughter has been here for a few months and has improved very much. I really like the teachers and Fiona. I highly recommend this place for your children.
      Sichimo Kalinda
      Sichimo K.
      21:18 28 Mar 18
      My daughter has been coming here for three months. My wife and I have seen a lot of improvement in her. We are very happy with Fiona and the teachers here. They do a great job. She really likes the teachers. That makes us very happy. We wish we brought her here sooner. I would like to recommend this Gideon to everyone who needs help in Math or Reading.
      Dung Huynh
      Dung H.
      23:55 15 Feb 18
      My daughter has been enrolled here for several months now, twice a week. Her growth in math, reading, and writing have improved dramatically. Her daily school teachers have commented on her advancement during her last review. Her confidence in taking on new challenges or speaking in class has improved to the point she wants to be the one with the answer each time. We interviewed many of the local centers that provide similar services to Gideon such as Kumon, Reading Ranch, Explorer Horizons, and Grade Power. While the other companies varied in their approach and were acceptable on many levels, we chose this place because of the staff, the progressive can do attitude and structure provided. My daughter looks forward to going here every time, so I know we have made the right choice and her grades reflect that.
      Daryl McCleery
      Daryl M.
      18:35 23 Jan 18
      Gideon Coppell is awesome they are doing great jobSpecial thanks to Sydney !!!!My son Venkat Sai improved a lot he learned lot of new words and analytical skill is improving Thanks Wendy and team
      Haripriya S
      Haripriya S
      02:54 29 Nov 17
      We have been going to Gideon close to a year now. My main reason for getting supplemental math and reading help for my 10 and 7 year old is that me and my husband are not very effective teachers or tutors and we know that. Gideon has helped keep study times at home peaceful because the kids are not struggling with math and reading concepts. Gideon follows a focused program that helps kids with the foundations for math and reading that they usually breeze through in school. Over the past months, both kids have improved in school and has boosted their confidence as a result. Ms. Arati, the owner makes an effort to tailor the program to the child. Her entire staff is wonderful with kids. My kids are quick to complain if they are not comfortable in a place but they are always happy to go to Gideon. If my 14 year-old was not already so busy, she would also be going here too just to keep on top of her math.
      Isa Briones
      Isa B.
      22:20 26 Jan 17
      My daughter started at Gideon 6 mos ago and I am so happy with her overall progress. In her preschool, she really didn't learn much. But within 6 mos, she can read all the step 1 reading books, learnt how to form sentences, and her math skills have improved so much. She's doing really great in Kindergarten compared to all other students. I love the overall structure, curriculum, and material offered at Gideon. I specially like the Preston center run by Arti since she's always on the floor answering questions or any concerns that we have. Love all the staff too. My daughter is very comfortable working with them and the staff really encourages her. Thanks a Bunch!!
      Sridevi Challapalli
      Sridevi C.
      17:01 04 Nov 16
      The manager (fiona) and staff are very acomodating and very friendly. My daughter started a month ago and she has improve a lot in math and reading. I would highly recomend gideon to parents who have kids that are difficult to teach and slow to catch up. Now my daughter is very much interested in learning. The teachers are so good in motivating their students. Not only they will learn from basics but kids will enjoy learning.
      Er Quin
      Er Q.
      22:17 28 Jul 16
      Fantastic experience at Gideon Coppell! My 13 year old attended Gideon Coppell for 6 years. My 9 year old is a current Gideon student and has attended Gideon Coppell for 3 years. Their grades have improved dramatically while attending Gideon. My 13 year old is now an all "A" student now, and my 9 year old now gets "excellent" for every subject. Both just received their STAAR results and scored above the cutoff for "level 3/advanced". Gideon Coppell is a family run business. Ms. Coppedge and her daughter have excellent teaching/education credentials. The high school students who work there are all great kids with a passion for teaching. I recommend Gideon Coppell for anyone whose child is struggling in school, or for anyone who wants to give their child a competitive advantage. Gideon Coppell has been a wonderful supplement for our children's education and worth every penny.
      David Owens
      David O.
      17:50 22 Jul 16
      It has been almost 3 month since our son joined Gideon, we have already notice huge improvement in his math and reading skills, English is not our native language and with Gideon my son was able to pass the school test and received a award for his fast and noticeable improvements.
      Ahmed Badri
      Ahmed B.
      04:34 22 Jun 16
      Gideon is an academic program designed to improve reading and/or mathematics. It is structured around daily activities in workbooks which are designed to challenge students with progressive difficulty. Daily work is intended to be supervised/coached by parents and students meet two times per week with instructors at the Gideon facility.I have three young children--ages 6, 5 and 5 (twin boys). All currently enrolled in both reading and math; we've been here for four months. My six year old just completed kindergarten in a public school and the twins just completed pre-k in a well-known private school. These schools are rated excellent. I've had my children in several other academic programs over the last three years similar to Gideon.With the background established, you might be wondering about the need for an extracurricular program for reading and math since my children are already in great schools. It's been my observation that public school has placed a lot of emphasis on socialization as opposed to academics. The private school we attend is focused on hands on work. Gideon offers pure academic focus which improves the students ability to perform work and perform work under to specific standards--mastery is assessed weekly and students move on or repeat.The results of this program have been excellent. Not only have my children improved their understanding of reading and math; I've also observed a increased confidence in their social interactions and interest in applying the math they learn.I feel like this program in closing the delta between what my children should be learning at this age and what they are receiving at school. Public school cirriculum seems very unorganized with random handouts with lesson plans all over the place. My daughter--public kindergarten--was learning elements of algebra along with basic arithmetic concepts. (??)There is a focus on results at Gideon, and I find the program much more focused on coaching a child to master basic operations than the other academic programs in which I've had my children. It is also very progressive and the curriculum is very strongly locked together.The owner of this location, Aarti Dewan, is great. She has a background in both public and private education, so she knows what is being taught in schools and what is not. She is always busy running the center, but she will always take time to say hi and always seems to be in a great mood. When time permits (about once a week), she will also spends a few extra minutes discussing my children's progress--focal areas, the kid's personalities and so on. She is immediately very likable and naturally very funny but also focused and intense. It was her personality more than anything that convinced me to sign up and I am quite happy with my decision.The rest of the staff at Gideon Central Frisco are very nice and polite. I think Gideon trains children all the way into high school, so it's not a preK-elementary program only. I've found the older students here very polite.Great job!
      Arron Hep
      Arron H.
      19:08 22 Mar 16
      I highly recommend this tutoring location of your child is struggling in school, or simply to have your child get ahead! Great teachers with a great atmosphere for learning. You can also count on lots of laughs and cool contests for the children to become more excited for Gideon! The two kids I take here have such great improvements it's hard not to tell everyone about Gideon! 🙂
      Alma Garduno
      Alma G.
      15:45 19 Feb 16
      I used to attend Kumon, and I previously worked at another tutoring center; however, in comparison to the tow, Gideon has proved to be different than the other two centers. While Kumon and other tutoring centers attempt to teach students the material they are learning in school, which is beneficial short term, Gideon is providing its students a fundamental foundation in math and reading that will help them both in the short and long term in school. By working at Gideon, I have seen many improvements in many of the students. Initially, as most students are, they will struggle and move slowly, I know I did when I had trouble in school, but as Gideon builds upon their mastery in a topic, the work gets done quickly and is thoroughly done with detail and the students actually understand what they are learning. If any parent wants their student to catch up in school, or get ahead, Gideon is a wonderful place to take them because the students actually enjoy their time there as well. The students have the chance to work all the instructors, which exposes them to the fact that every teacher has a different method, but it truly depends on the student how they decide how to utilize the information the instructor provides them.
      Shiley Ferguson
      Shiley F.
      03:39 12 Feb 15
      My son has been going to Gideon for the past 3 months and there is already a noticeable improvement in his mental math abilities which his teacher as well as the parents of other kids in his class have commented on while playing math related games. Gideon ensures that kids get regular practice during the week which gives them the confidence to solve problems.
      Anit Lohtia
      Anit L.
      03:44 11 Feb 15