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Mistakes Can Create Success

Intelligence is the measure of the brain's ability to acquire and apply certain knowledge and skills. We know the human brain can grow, change, and even rewire itself to meet new standards. This ability of the brain is called brain plasticity. By correcting mistakes,...

Math at Sea with Logarithms

For more: go HERE to the site to answer questions and get more resources about this lesson such as more history about Napier shown in the video below.  Some insight into the Lattice method is shown as well.

A Case for Algorithms

In THIS article, "The Faulty Logic of The Math Wars" in the New York Times, Alice Crary, a philosophy professor, and W. Stephen Wilson, a math professor argue that the ideals that math reformists claim to be working towards when removing standard algorithms (such as...

Parents, education starts with you!

This is a heart warming article from about how one girl is so grateful for her father's involvement and interest in her education as it really made a difference. Here’s a sweet Fathers Day piece by Santa Clara University student Nicole Pal about how...

Kick off summer reading!

Summer is here! Camp! Swimming! All day play! Reading!
Wait, what?
Yes, reading! Think of all the time now your child has to get lost in a book. This is a great way to avoid the summer slide of losing some of the great comprehension skills gained during school year. Your child can read about new places and fun experiences while gaining vocabulary and background knowledge that will aid in the fall.

What it feels like to be bad at math

Via The author of the blog Math with Bad Drawings is a current math teacher (and former math student) and discusses the feelings and actions of someone who is floundering at math from both his teaching and his own experiences. As a math teacher, it’s...

Embrace the Mistakes

No one enjoys mistakes, but we all make them.  Did you ever think it could be beneficial to admit to them?  Kathryn Schulz, the author of Being Wrong: Adventures in the Margin of Error writes about the good side to being wrong in this article. Is there anything at...

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