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Get Inspired!

As you've probably heard, Dr. Ben Carson gave a fabulous speech at the National Prayer Breakfast attended by President Obama and the First Lady.  While many will call attention to other things he mentioned, I want to put the spotlight on his thoughts on education.  He...

10 Steps Toward Better Writing

While at Gideon we don't focus on writing long essays, we do recognize the need for this skill.  In high school and college, you'll need to be able to write two to ten (TEN?!) page papers.  Don't think being a STEM based major will allow you to avoid them either. ...

Learning Apps for Kids

We know kids love smart phones, ipads, and like.  I hear that two year-olds can navigate better than their parents sometimes.  While we still believe in limited technology time, here are some learning apps for little ones that will make the time spent on the devices a...

Motivation, Not IQ, Matter Most in Math

In this article from TIME, the author discusses that while higher IQ can give an initial boost, hard work and effort are what is needed to succeed in math especially in middle and high school. We see this often at Gideon. Children who initially struggled through...

Global Report Card

A really cool website,, has compiled a massive amount of data to compare ANY school district in America against the state, nation, and even international students. While we hear about how our national education is failing our students, maybe it's...

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